Monday, October 22, 2012


Hi Cuties,
The mister was nice enough to clean the apartment today but, sadly, I've been rather lacking in the cleaning department.  If you've been wondering why I haven't updated the blog, it's because every morning I outline about 25 crucial tasks to complete throughout the day and night.  And I usually get about ten completed.  So blogging isn't really making it to the top of the list (and probably won't until I can make the transition to professional blogger, hahaha.)  And neither is cleaning.  Hence, the robot.  I saw a commercial for the newest Roomba this weekend and it seems like a for real robot, which is so exciting.  Totally expensive, but a robot, guys, a robot!  This seems like the only viable solution.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hi Friends.

Hi Friends,
So, I know that I've been very, very MIA.  What can I say?   Do you ever feel like you can give everything about 10% or give 10% of things 100%?  Does that even make sense?  Anyway, I've realized that I am a person who has grand ambitions and complicated expectations that grow to epic proportions inside this little (big) old head of mine.  Right now, I would like to find a way to simplify my life.  I think maybe other people have perfected this art in a way that I have yet to figure out yet.  Maybe I am an overthinker?  
Well, whatever, things are rather complicated over here but I'll try to make it simple on the blog.
The mister and I had a lunch date today, which was very nice as even though we spent the entire weekend together, we really didn't get to talk much.  We happened to realize on Thursday that Charlie's daycare was closed today (oops) so Aunt Lyss was nice enough to volunteer to spend the day with him.  I'd imagine she's drowning in a big glass of wine right now somewhere in Brooklyn after being peed on (once) and thrown up on (twice.)  Our little guy is lucky to have such a sweet aunt. 
Hope you've all been well!  Will try to get back to more frequent posting...

meanwhile, back at home...