Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Pictures

Hi Cuties,
I'm updating the blog.  I'm busy and it's fine and I'm just gonna do it and that's it.  So, yeah, Christmas is like tomorrow so we are trying to create one of those photo Christmas cards with Charlie as the star.  This kid, this kid though.  There are two kinds of Charlies in a photo.  No Big Deal Charlie comes out when you are really, really trying to capture a happy moment.  Think planned photo shoot or any kind of "first time" doing anything.  NBD Charlie couldn't care less, not even enough to cry.  Let's just say he's not really buying what you're selling.  He's just chillin' in a kind of vacant way.  
On the other hand, Active and Engaged Charlie shows up for photos in less formal settings.  As you might imagine, Active and Engaged Charlie can't sit still so most of those photos turn out blurry.  Both my family and Erik's family are sending out Christmas photos featuring NBD Charlie so the pressure is really on for us to send out a card featuring the elusive Smiley Charlie.  In real life Charlie smiles all the time and it is the most precious smile you've ever seen.  We're going to try capturing it first thing tomorrow before we leave for work.  Because we always have lots of extra time when we're trying to get ready in the morning...