Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Point Pleasant Weekend

Hey Cuties,
Last weekend, we booked it out of the city and proceeded to have the most perfect beach weekend.  If you've never been to Point Pleasant, I highly recommend.   The beach was super nice and there was a great boardwalk.  We all got a little burnt, but mine's turned into a nice "tan." For me at least.  Looking forward to many more beach weekends this summer!
duck in our motel room.  let me assure you, this was the nicest part of the room.
i bought some fudge on the boardwalk for my "coworkers."
Lyss and Erik took on the bumper cars!
everything at point pleasant is named Jenkinson's.  Not sure why.
look at lyss's cute nails!
 lyss, losing at mini golf.
me and my new man
drinks on the beach

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

East River Ferry

Last weekend Erik was very anxious to show me the wonders of the East River Ferry. With pickups in Greenpoint and free service, the mister had been enjoying a waterway commute the whole week (yes, it took double the normal time. Guess when you don't have to be at work until 10, you have time for leisure.)

I was a bit skeptical, having seen numerous blog posts outlining Saturday plans mirroring our very own.  

But Saturday morning, we optimistically headed over to the dock, with plans to spend the day in Dumbo. Sure enough, when we got to the ferry, there was a very long line. And when the ferry finally came, they only let on ten people!  After waiting about an hour, we finally got on a ferry - going in the wrong direction. Two stops later we found ourselves in midtown and were forced to disembark. The horror - we tried to hide but the captain found us and made us get off - how embarrassing. Twenty minutes later we were back on the ferry and finally on our way to Dumbo. As the little old lady behind us in line said to Erik, "what a great opportunity!"

After hanging out in Dumbo for just a wee little bit, we started wondering how the hell we were going to get back to Greenpoint. And that's when we ran into my best friend, taxicab.  

Once we were back in the hood things took a turn for the better because we ran into my cutest little sister ever and got to hang out with her for the rest of the night.  

It's gonna be a little while before I venture onto the waterway again. 


There she is...and there she goes while we still wait on the dock.
Only two more allowed on so Erik and I got to butt in front of a bunch of families.  Later, suckers!
fun on the ferry.
Dumbo! We made it. Now what?
Photo to prove we were there.
and back to the 'burgh.  There's our cutie!
drinks on the roof.  things our looking up.
happy to be home.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Lyss and I are very lucky to have a great dad.  He's our friend, coach, protector and most definitely the "go-to" guy.  We still joke about calling for our dad when we woke up from bad dreams - always in a weak, pathetic voice (Dadddd, dadddddy....)  Our dad is incredibly, incredibly patient and he's seen us through a lot. Thank goodness, because now that he has five kids, he really doesn't  have a choice but to be patient. He's like a rock, very steady and somebody you can always count on for whatever little curveball life throws you.  I always say my dad is the only person who would/could ever go on The Amazing Race with me.  (On a side note, I keep a running tab of shows I would be absolutely horrible on.  Other highlights include: The Bachelor.  I'd be the girl in the corner eyeing everyone suspiciously.  Road Rules.  I'm not athletic let's just leave it at that.  Oooh, also, Survivor.  I'll stop now.)
When I look at my Dad, I can still imagine exactly what he must have been like as a kid.  I'm convinced that when he was younger he was just like Richie Cunningham on Happy Days.  (he says no, but I know I'm right.)  

In honor of Father's Day, a little journey down memory lane.

me and my Dad on the big day
Lyss and Dad cheering on their favorite team!
Dad and his girls.  Maybe James was taking the pic.
Dad and Lyss at the botanic garden
Dad and I at Niagara Falls.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Links

Hey Cuties,
Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.  I'll be chilling in Brooklyn and maybe checking out the new ferry in Greenpoint.  I might even bring my big girl camera.

Peppermint dream, indeed...

These dresses are amazing!

Cute way to wrap a housewarming gift.

Wish my hair could look like this.

How cool would I be if I sat in this chair at my desk all day?  The answer is very.

Northside Festival this weekend in Brooklyn if you want to check it out.  Featuring my new favorite band, Beirut.  New to me at least ;)

Long sleeve wedding dress. Do it. (but not right now)

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy it - it's going to fly by!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lake George Souvenirs

Check out the cute loot I picked up in Lake George a few weeks back!  Note, these were must buys after a few drinks at happy hour!

Could be fun to hang on the wall!

Cute coffee mug for me since the mister has taken over our "shared" mugs!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

DC Family Fun

Hi Cuties,
Had a great weekend visiting with my brother, James, and parents in DC. I have an early meeting here tomorrow so decided to come on Saturday to spend the weekend with my family.  

James has been so sick the whole week and his apartment kind of sounded like a hot zone, so I ended up staying with my parents at the hotel. Roomies! They loved it! (not). I kind of loved it though. We stayed at the Mayflower Renaissance and it was really nice. I think E and I need to start getting our Marriott rewards points on too.

Once we were all settled in, the parents and I enjoyed a little happy hour at the hotel and then met up with James for a night of some Burmese cuisine and the theater. James never puts anything through the "parent filter" and that's why we love him. Luckily, his enthusiasm for everything is absolutely contagious. The play we saw was at the forum theater in Silver Springs and was called bobrauschenbergamerica, basically a collection of random scenes inspired by the art of Robert Rauschenberg. It had a very americana feel, which gives me the best feeling and always reminds me of my Grandmom's house. Anything that involves a soundtrack of evening sounds like crickets chirping and a little red, white and blue makes me happy.  

Today, we headed over to the Pride Festival after brunch. It was so hottt. I heard it was cooler in NYC today, but it was about 90 in DC and we were forced to seek refuge at the movies at a 2PM showing of Super 8. We all LOVED this movie and everyone should go see it. Just a cute fun, feel good summer movie with a little bit of somethin' somethin' for everyone.  

Now I'm settled in at my new hotel getting ready for my meeting tomorrow. Good DC weekend but definitely starting to feel a little homesick, now that I'm by my lonesome. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend too.

Mags is obsessed with tennis so we couldn't pass up this photo op

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Montreal Part II

              So, I just wanted to quick finish filling you in on my trip to Montreal.  The rest of our weekend we spent shopping, exploring, eating and of course heavily drinking.  We didn't do as much shopping as I would have liked but, we did stumbled across a few really cute vintage shops.

Some of us managed to escape with quite a steal :/

Montreal was beautiful and full of color.  The architecture in Old Montreal was classic and really made you feel like you were in fact in another country.  The rest of the city was covered in some awesome graffiti pieces. A lot less tags and a lot more art.

  As far as food went...we ate some of the worst and some of the best.  Two of the nights we were there we made really horrible restaurant selections.  I'm talking green burgers type of bad.  Luckily no one got sick and the rest of the meals more then made up for it.  The morning we left we finished of the trip by fulfilling the waffle craving we'd been having at this amazing little place next to our hotel.

Good stuff Montreal.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beach Day!

Hey Kids,
This was a great weekend because we had our first beach day of the year.  The mister and I headed out to Long Island to spend the weekend visiting with family and friends.  On Saturday, we ran a 5K (okay, I walked, so what, who cares) and then spent the afternoon on the cutest little beach with Erik's sister and the little one.  It was sort of cool and a lot windy at the beach but we stuck it out for a few hours and then went home to barbecue. So, by the way, turns out two year olds have a lot of energy and I don't.  

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Links

Weekend C
Hope everyone has a fab weekend.  I'll be living it up out on Long Island this weekend and who knows what Alyssa's doing.  Have fun and be careful, please. 

Boho chic dress, perfect for walking around the city

Yeah, neon!  That hat!  Those nails!

I used to collect pennants when I was little.  Who doesn't have a pennant collection?  These are a lot prettier than the ones I used to have.

I can't believe there is a whole "technique" built around a kitchen timer.  Yet strangely appealing.  Perhaps in its simplicity.  Did everyone else know about this?

What now?  More neon?

So cute.  And sexy in a sweet way.

Jane Pratt, back in action and I like it.  

Rainy Days in Lake George

E and I spontaneously decided to head north for Memorial Day weekend too.  Not quite as far as Montreal, but we did take a fun three hour drive up to Lake George.  I had never been but it was so nice there.  Tons of cute little motel/cabins and the lake was really beautiful.  It's a little surprising I found it to be so cute because I usually hate hate motels.  Ick.  But since these were kitschy "cabin" motels, I let it slide.

Lake George turned out to be a little rainy too, so when we got there on Saturday, we had to go to the outlets and do some shopping (Erik dragged me kicking and screaming).  I got my outlet on big time, girls. Had to make up for all that "purging." Thank god for rainy vacation days. Luckily things cleared up on Sunday, and we were able to spend a little time getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and relaxing on the beach.  Also picked up some way fun souvenirs after a few drinks at happy hour.  Will post some photos later!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rainy Days in Montreal

So, while Brooklyn was blasted with sunshine this Memorial Day weekend, some friends and I decided to escape to cloudier skies.  Make sense? No.  Fun despite the abominable gloom? Yes.  Being that we're all running a little low on funds these days, we decided to make it a road trip.  Luckily, I can't drive:)  So that worked out nicely for me.  But still, it's hard to even sleep you're way through a 7 hour car ride.  
View from my window
 On the trip up it was all sunshine till about an hour away from our destination.  Then the clouds rolled in and rain drops cut the heat. Bummer.  Undeterred by this slight complication in weather, we bundled up, waited for the rain to quit and went to an outdoor bar.  The bar was a huge.  It had multiple floors that each had indoor and outdoor bar sections and there was a massive courtyard on the ground floor.  It would have been one of the coolest bars I've ever been to if it weren't for the fact that it was overflowing with highschool kids.  At 23, I've never felt too old for a bar scene.  This was a first.  After a few drinks, and feeling like we had all relived our highschool prom (but in a bar,) we decided to get some rest and save ourselves for a fun filled day of site seeing.

The next day we woke up to...rain.  We got an early start though, had an amazing brunch (which included a gigantic mimosa,) and then headed off to check out the Biodome. 

We all invested in some matching umbrellas

Worlds largest Mimosa

The Biodome surpassed every expectation I had for it (I had no expectations for it whatsoever to be honest....and no, I haven't seen the movie...sorry.)  But, it really was pretty neat.  At least we got to experience some climates that were a little nicer the the rainy one we were actually in.  We also went to the top of the tower to check out a somewhat fogged view of Montreal...

This was only the beginning of my trip.  I have much more to document in Montreal part II but, for now, au revoir!