Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Is everyone digging Polyvore as much as I am?  I could literally sit and do this all day.  I think the below ensemble is rather Spring-like, don't you?  Remember Spring?  It's usually here by now.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink by Couple o' Cuties 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bearded Husband

In honor of facial hair week here on the C o' C, I thought I'd do a little post on some facial hair that is near and dear to my heart...  

The mister has been growing out his beard for some reason.  Not sure if this picture really does it justice, especially since this was taken over a full week ago now.  The beard is long and scraggly and strange looking, straggly perhaps.  The beard is about four different colors, just random blocks of grey, brown, orange.  The funny thing is, he doesn't know why he is doing it either, just that he must not give up, he must keep going no matter how much he or anyone else is starting to hate it.  And that's that, my friends.  If there was ever a reason to become a loyal reader of this blog, this is it.  What will happen next in this harrowing tale from around the drum circle?

Edit Note:  Since E has approval of all blog posts featuring him (yes, approval.  Who says I'm not a great wife?), he has asked me to better explain the real "meaning" behind the beard.  It is a winter beard, grown in protest of the harsh winter. So I guess he does know why he's doing it. after. all.  One more reason to hope for Spring!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Stache Bash

As much as I hate mondays, there is one thing that can make them slightly more bearable...a good ol' fashioned stache bash.  I was so pleased to discover how exceptionally natural/striking I look with a mustache.  It really brings out my features and I'm thinking of making it my new key Spring accessory. Don't be jealous.
Super Fly
One Bad Ass Breakfast

Happy Monday!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Early Bird Saturday

Hi Cuties,
This weekend the mister had his fantasy baseball draft on Saturday night from 8:30 - 12.  Is that not just the worst timing for cool kids like us?  Not only did we miss Earth hour, but it kind of puts a damper on the usual Saturday night routine.  Now, let's be clear about something. The usual routine doesn't really involve anything crazier than drinks, dinner and a movie (enjoyed at home, on the couch).  But, to our credit, it at least keeps us out until after 8:30.  So this Saturday, we just decided to move our whole routine up a bit.  No, not brunch, kids. Brunch is what everyone else is doing in this hipster neighborhood. We had our sights set on an early dinner, lupper if you will.  The perfect time for a Saturday lupper in Brooklyn is around 5. Brunch is winding down and dinner is hours from getting going, so it's usually hard to tell if a restaurant is even open.   Once one awkwardly asserts themselves as the only patrons of the bar for a few pre-lupper drinks, that's when the rest of the lupper crowd starts rolling in, mainly visiting parents, and people with very young children.  And this Saturday, us, the trio of cuties. The good thing about lupper is you really have your pick of restaurants (and they are never out of the specials, haha!).  We decided on Brooklyn Star, a recent Greenpoint transplant, with THE BEST food.  And so much special attention we got as the first ones there (but really everyone that worked there went out of their way to make our experience a good one)!  On the way out, we drunkenly made a reservation for next Saturday at normal dinner hour, because eating at a normal time requires planning ahead.
meatloaf sandwich 
Dr. Pepper Ribs
The only thing more embarrassing than lupper is taking pictures at lupper.  Just ask my little sister.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Prettiest Picture

So, the other day while wandering the city, I stumbled upon this little flea market on the corner of Ave A and 11th St.  Most of the stuff was junk but, there were a few good jewelry stands and one awesome photography stand.  The guy running the photography stand was a collector of vintage photography and had a ton of really interesting photos.  He had one stack of photos that were all images of old boats and docks.  They were huge photos and all beautifully developed.  I spent forever going through the stack but finally chose one. He ended up selling it to me for 4 bucks and I wish I had picked out more of them!  Perhaps I'll head back next weekend and see if he's there.  I also bought all these old black and white photos of Elvis which are far from tacky and actually super sick looking.  I love them.

One of the Elvis photos


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun Mugs

Not sure if it is because of all the fun with animals this weekend, but I am loving these mugs, currently being sold on etsy with half of all proceeds going to Japan relief.  I love this kind of kitschy style, but I guess the key, as with everything, is moderation, people (like buy two, not twelve.)  And that's my home design tip of the day.  You're welcome.

mug by coffeedoglover on etsy
elephant!   Not sure why I like elephants so much right now.  Elephants are the new birds.  You heard it here first.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Have an Addiction

I currently have an addiction to Spring shopping and the thing that sucks about Spring shopping right now is that it's still so freaking cold out.  Nothing I've been buying is "wear now" and guess what....I WANNA WEAR IT NOW! I need some warm weather please.  Here are a few Spring items I'm dying to bust out...
American Apparel Dress
Boat Shoes from Target
Wedges from Lucky Brand
Lightweight Scarf from Loft 

So, I just checked the weather and it's supposed to sleet and snow tomorrow. STUPID.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Hangin' with the Animals

This weekend, we headed out to Long Island to visit Erik's family.  While certain cuties who shall not be named were galavanting around the city, the mister and I were responsibly hanging out with our favorite nephew, Nate.  We miss that little guy all the time and we were so worried that he a) wouldn't remember us or b) would have become a full-fledged grownup since we last saw him.  Luckily, he did remember us and while he has mastered the art of putting together puzzles on his own ("I smart,") he is still a two-year-old, thank goodness!  Saturday we went to a local ecology site with a cute little petting zoo to check out the animals.  It was a weekend well spent, but too short, of course.

the man of the hour
These goats were way aggressive.  Nate steered clear.
Lots of rules ...

endless fun with this one ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

I love Sunday Fundays.  I don't know why I spend all weekend hanging out and relaxing and then I choose Sunday to get my drink on and stumble around the city but, it always seems to work out that way.  It really isn't practical.  Maybe I feel the need to get in one last hurrah before I head back to work/hell on Monday morning. Anyways, today ended up being a Sunday Funday.  My partner in crime for todays outings... my good friend Erika *********** (I don't really feel like counting if that's the right number of * but let's pretend.)

We started with brunch at the Dos Caminos in the meat packing district which 1. is an awesome people watching spot, 2. has banging breakfast tacos and 3. has superrr strong complimentary margaritas.:)   I always leave happy, full and with only a semi pukey feeling.  

We were going to stop drinking at brunch but, then got pulled by some crazy force into the Stanton beer garden. Anyways, we took some pics with big beers.    
that's like 6 of my bladders
Erika ********
  Neither of us had been to the beer garden before.  Our final conclusion was that this place sucks and is full of douchebags and skanks.  Thats harsh I know but, it had to be said.  I don't really know what I expected.  After the beer garden we walked around the highline park for some fresh air.
Me and my backpack checking out the view.
 I wanna live in one of these. So day.
I also may or may not have done some shopping or at least some drunken perusing.  
I really want this bag from Anthropology.
If you were wondering what my eye looked like really big you're in luck.
LOVE these glasses. 
It was a fun filled day for sure.  Now I'm home and crashing.  I'm not so ready to head back to the office tomorrow but, hey, only 5 more days till the weekend.:) Oh and happy first day of Spring!!


Thursday, March 17, 2011


The past two weeks have been not so fun at work.  Long days after long days.  Everyone was feeling a little burnt out today.... and by a little I mean a lot.  So, we decided to get out of the office for a bit and take the hike to McDonalds to get some Shamrock Shakes.  Yum.  It ended up being the perfect pick me up.  At this point I think we all wanted to add one more special ingredient to our shakes but, being that it was only halfway through our work day, we put our flasks away for later.  
Minty and Delish
Tired yet Estatic
 The sunshine and the shakes were such a tease of freedom and we all wanted a little more.  So, we decided to be oh so rebellious and leave on time today.  Crazy I know.  There's only one thing that could beat the sham shake and that's a green Bud Light Lime:)  It definitely tastes better green if you were wondering.
The Co Ws at the bar :) 
Tastes so good when it hits your lips.  It also dyes them green.
Unfortunately, I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow.  Otherwise I'd still be out celebrating.  Luckily tomorrow's friday though and I am so ready for the weekend! Catch ya later!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Long Days

Hey Cuties,
Sorry for the lack of posting.  This week has been pretty tiring.  Can it really be all because of daylight savings time?  I don't know, but that coupled with long work days has left me pretty spent.  I am cherishing my couple of hours between work and sleep.  Last night, Lyss and I managed to get out for a bit for a little girl talk.  And of course, it's nice to see my mister at the end of a long day.  Other than that, these are the things that are getting me excited right now for those special few hours at the end of a long day (yes, it's all food and drink, and yes, I know my life is verrry verrry glamorous):
Easy mac, it never gets old.  Delicious and nutritious.  And easy.

Peeps, they're not just for Easter anymore.  Well, it is Easter but you know what I mean.
Oh, whatever, stop judging.  It's called unwinding.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Brooklyn Shopping

Hey Cuties,
Just another relaxing weekend in Brooklyn over here.  After a crazy busy week, it is so nice to just bum around the neighborhood with the mister.  Since the weather is finally warming up, we walked all around the hood and just enjoyed the day on Saturday.  I wasn't planning on buying anything, but... I did, so what, who caares?  Just some accessories, nothing too crazy.  I can't stop buying gold jewelry.  Somewhere along the line I decided that you can never have too much jewelry.  I have a little nagging feeling deep inside that this may not be true, but I've become pretty good at ignoring such pangs.  And somehow I managed to buy another belt.  And another scarf.  But, that's it.  I justified it at the time, but after spending the day today trying to "put away my clothes" (ie shove as much stuff into every crevice of every drawer and every closet as possible), I am feeling some major shopping guilt.   It didn't help that I was watching wedding sunday on TLC and every other ten minutes featured an ad from Hoarders taunting me from the television. The saddest part was when E came home after a day at work and gave me the proud thumbs up on my cleaning even though it is still totally messy with clothes and shoes hanging out of the closet (and the second closet).  Nothing like setting low expectations.  I done good, girls.  

That is a puddle!
I love this guy.  I know it's trendy, but someday for my future digs, it will happen.
The mister loves having his picture taken.

Remember these days?
This is our favorite new dinner spot in Brooklyn.  We took my bro here last weekend and it was a big success!

I bought this precious little ring at boutique on Franklin St.
The new waterfront area in Williamsburg is so nice and was so empty (pre mega condo occupation)