Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Party!

Hi Kids,
So last night our little trio of cuties threw a mini Oscars get together to celebrate the network debut of one of the commercials that my very own mister edited!  We don't usually actually sit through the whole ordeal and found it to be a bit boresville.   Seriously, was it just not the worst?  All the fakesy speeches and lame hosting, and well, I hated it.  Did you all check out the "Was James Franco Stoned?" article on Gawker today?  Too funny.  Apparently Anne Hathaway suffers from "theater kid."  Lyss and I just laughed and laughed at that one. All too familiar, my friends.  
We also were having some camera issues, so sorry if these pics were a bit blurry. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that my apartment looks a lot better in person (I think?).  We're still in the final stages of The Great Leak Cleanup of 2011 in my living room, plus the lighting certainly leaves something to be desired. Maybe next year we'll do it up right and invite some other people (or maybe we'll just skip the whole thing and take a nap, time will tell).
But let's let the pictures tell the story....

We were supposed to "dress up" so I decided to dress up like a cutie black swan.  Of course.  The mister took some pics as I practiced my dance moves.  I did it, momma.  I'm the swan queen!  Or something.
And my shoes are cute too!
Happy with my dancing accomplishments.  Settling in on red couch to wait for little Lyssie.
We set out the food, but where is my sister?  (Yes, we did eat all these.  And more.)
Three glasses of champagne punch, coming up!  But where's Alyssa?  Ding dong..
AAgh, oh no!  It's the black swan and she's trying to steal my part!  What else is new?
She dances without fear.  
Luckily she brought dessert!

Settling in for a long night!  Great commercial though, mister!  The highlight of the show, for sure.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brooklyn Saturday

Us cuties had a lovely day Saturday, just hanging out in Brooklyn.  I really love sticking around our little neighborhood on the weekend. There is so much to do here and even though I've lived here for almost 8 (!) years, it's having my hubby and my sister under one zip code that really makes it feel like home.  After a busy week, it's nice to just slow things down a bit and enjoy the day.  After a delicious brunch, we did a little shopping, and then walked over to the water.
Tonight we'll be hunkering down to enjoy the Oscars.  Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!  It went too fast.
Lyss opted for bellinis over coffee at brunch, so we needed a quick caffeine fix after.
There's the lady and her coffee.  Yes, she did spill it all over herself.
We saw this creepy cutie on the street.  Reminds me of someone I know.
I bought myself some presents, including this necklace.  Lyss doesn't like so much but I think it's great.
On to the waterfront!
Jumping on the tramp...mister wants in on the action.

We left Lyss hanging there!  Hope she made it home!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Wants...

Spring has officially set in stores and all I wanna do is shop, shop, shop.  However, being so busy at work has limited me to only the dangerous pastime of late night online shopping.  I've decided to come up with a list of some key wants/needs before indulging.  These items are just a start to what I'm sure will be an ever growing list.  :)

Gingham Mini from JCrew

Loving the color GREEN this season!

     Oversized Checks from JCrew                              

Big Stripes

and Little Stripes

Oversized Blouses

Dressed up sweats


Water Colored Florals

New Shapes of Shades...

Shop Nasty Gal

Bowling Bags and Subtle Pops of Color

Stripes in Accessories

Okay, I must do the second most important thing in life now...sleep.   Tomorrow's another day.  Night Night Cuties.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

So, today I took full advantage of my day off from work and did some, and by some I mean 12 hours, of extreme Spring cleaning.  Although it wasn't the most fun filled or relaxing vacation day, it was much needed for my sanity.  I was going to do a before and after pic of my apartment but, then I realized that the before picture might actually make people physically sick:)  However, after scrubbing, dusting and organizing, I decided that maybe some new Spring decor was also needed.  This, you can see pictures of.
I decided my room needed to feel a little more homey.  For the past couple of weeks I've been gathering and repainting old picture frames and mirrors from thrift stores and flea markets.  Tonight I finally got to the chance to fill them and hang them next to my bed.  My goal is to expand the collage so that it covers my entire wall.  For tonight however, I think this is a good start.

I also picked up some new vases.  This american flag one is my fav. GO USA.

I finished things off with a new Spring scent.  Vanilla die for. 

 So, it officially feels like Spring inside my apartment.  Let's hope it's contagious to the outside world:)


Six Month Milestone

It has come to my attention that today is the six month anniversary of our wedding.  I can't believe it has been six months!  I'll save some long sappy post for the real deal anniversary (one year), but for now, I'd just like to say that I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such as sweet husband.  He takes special care of my heart and my happiness every day.  Love you, mister.  To celebrate, I am going to finally select the photos for our wedding album today (because it's never too late to start getting things done:)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Need...

Since we are spending the weekend in Brooklyn, I am going to go shopping at Dalaga, a great boutique on Franklin Street, and buy things, beautiful things, like these....
This shop has the cutest (and most remarkably affordable) stuff.  I really wish my closet was bigger.

I don't have any Miss Mistress lace- up boots exactly like these.

This Fierce Fringe Top would be fun to wear out somewhere.

Love these City Lights Lace-up Booties for Spring, when the streets are free of dirty snow.

Cool Capey Tuxedo Jacket will kick up your jeans a notch.

Pretty, pretty Alexa Eyelet blouse.

9 Strand leather ring.  I want it. It looks a lot smaller in person.

LOVE, LOVE these A Star is Born slingbacks!  I wonder if they are nice to walk in.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Days

Hi Cuties,
Hope everyone had a lovely week.  Mine was pretty good.  Poor little Lyss was sick, so I guess hers wasn't as great.  

This week, I ....
  • had a wonderful Valentine's day, and ate 5 truffles.
  • was verrrry productive at work.
  • had a margarita with my little sissy.  (Alcohol kill sickness. That is absolutely true. Not sure what she'd do if I weren't here in Brooklyn to take care of her and give her guidance.)
  • saw the Justin Bieber movie.
The mister and I are very happy to be spending a quiet weekend in Brooklyn, just hanging out. Right now, we're watching the PDA episode of The Office, which is just making us laugh and laugh.  The Office is so funny again these last few episodes.

Enjoy the weekend!


Erik bought me a bagel.  Yes, that is the couch in the background.
The alternate background was the leak wall which is still not fixed.
If anyone was wondering.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Days of St. Valentine

The mister and I managed to escape for a lovely Valentine's Day date on Monday. We hit up a favorite local restaurant where we enjoyed a five course meal.  The mister loves this particular restaurant because they know us, no easy feat in this city.  He would eat every meal there if he could just for the "hello, sir, how are you doing tonight?" we get when we walk in the door (or slight nod in our direction, whatever you wanna call it.)  If you've been following the blog, you'll know I don't do food photos at restaurants, so let's just say it was a delicious meal and leave it at that.
After dinner, we came home and I got my present...truffles!  Apparently, truffles are very very delicate.  They only live for ten days in a 65 degree climate.  And, there is a very special method for eating them.
First, you look at the truffle.  Second, you lick the top of it.  A truffle is to be eaten in two bites.  You take one bite and savor the exciting rush of flavor. Then you take a second bite and really start to enjoy the complexities.  Then, wait...where the hell did my truffle go?  Gone already?  And I have to share these with the mister?  
Hope everyone had a love-filled day!
On second thought, I do take food photos, but only when the food is in it's natural environment, my couch.  All these truffles in ten days!  Whatever will we do?? As you can see we already ate two of them before we even took the picture.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Luck be a Cutie

Hey Cuters,
The mister and I managed to get away to Atlantic City with friends this weekend, and if you've been following along, you'll know it was a much needed getaway. We had three minor snafus with the GPS on the way there but luckily the mister was cool, calm and collected the whole time (Ha. Ha. Ha.).  I had set big sights on getting some cool pictures for our little ol' blog, but it didn't really turn out the way.  I just started feeling stupid taking stupid pictures of myself everywhere and not everybody loves the idea of documenting every bite and outfit of the weekend. In fact, I think Lyss and I may have taken up blogging in the midst of a little bit of blogger backlash.  When the cool thing to do is show up late to a party, trust me, we'll somehow be the first ones there.  I guess the opposite is true as well. We're having fun and we're totally figuring it out though. 

Anyway, it was so great to get away, even if it was only for a day. We met up with friends at Caesar's Palace and gambled and ate our way through the night.  I even did a little betting on the horse races (talk about cuties, you should have seen seem of the guys hanging out in the horse racing section.)  If only all the OTBs hadn't just shut down in Brooklyn, I may have had a new hobby on my hands!  We finished off the weekend today at the JCrew outlet, one of my favorite hot spots in AC.  Hope to share some of my finds with you later this week.  
Hope everyone is feeling and getting lucky this week!

Happy to be almost there after some GPS confusion.  What rage?

I've never seen so many pretty chandeliers.  This one was in the food court.

Erik tried to take some cute pics of me but they weren't turning out cute.  Not sure whose fault that was.

Seriously.  This was my attempt to take a food photo before it all became too much and I stuffed my camera back in my bag.

On the way to JCrew!  I'm the luckiest girl in the world!