Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi Cuties,
Sorry to have been away so long.  Lots going on and I just needed a break.  But I'm back and feeling a little more inspired (convincing I know.)  I spent this last weekend with two of my dearest friends in Iowa.  My friend Kirstin is living there for the moment so my friend Karen and I trekked out there to see her this weekend.  Iowa is a lot of what you might expect.  Hot, flat and full of corn.  But Kirstin's house is so cute and is rather surprisingly elevated within the only woodsy patch in Iowa, so it felt almost like living in a treehouse.  And she has a porch AND a deck.  A huge deck with a grill and patio furniture.  Jealousy.  
We spent the weekend eating, shopping and girl gabbing.  A much needed girls weekend.  Oooh, and bonus, when Delta randomly cancelled our flight home yesterday we rebooked with United and got the opportunity to fly out of the very small Cedar Rapids airport, just like in the movie (sort of).

Kirstin is a great cook and made us awesome meals the whole weekend.  Only for my Kiki would I once again attempt food photography.
Happened upon my most favorite book ever in our shopping journeys.  Will spare you photos of the Old Navy binge, but trust, it happened.
Cool music stand (if I played something).
Little present for the mister.
The lovely ladies.
Oh, how we laughed and laughed.

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