Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Point Pleasant Weekend

Hey Cuties,
Last weekend, we booked it out of the city and proceeded to have the most perfect beach weekend.  If you've never been to Point Pleasant, I highly recommend.   The beach was super nice and there was a great boardwalk.  We all got a little burnt, but mine's turned into a nice "tan." For me at least.  Looking forward to many more beach weekends this summer!
duck in our motel room.  let me assure you, this was the nicest part of the room.
i bought some fudge on the boardwalk for my "coworkers."
Lyss and Erik took on the bumper cars!
everything at point pleasant is named Jenkinson's.  Not sure why.
look at lyss's cute nails!
 lyss, losing at mini golf.
me and my new man
drinks on the beach

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