Saturday, September 3, 2011

Roadside Afternoon

This is how today was supposed to go:
- Wake up early and PACK (we are moving to Clinton Hill next weekend. yes, it was a rather quick decision.)
- Drive to LI for an afternoon BBQ with Erik's whole family
- Pick up tons of boxes and packing stuff from Erik's parent's house
- Go to Target and get some additional, very necessary supplies
- Go home and PACK some more.

Here is how today really went:
- Wake up late and eat breakfast.
- Drive to LI.  Car overheats and shuts down on side of LIE in faraway Queens.  Erik runs to gas station to get antifreeze.  When he gets back the key won't turn in the ignition.  Stay on side of road for another hour.  Sweat a lot.  Tow truck comes to take us to mechanic.  Mechanic can't fix car until Tuesday.  Suggests we take the bus home! Quelle horror.  In the face of an impending bus ride, Carolyn finally shows some scrappiness and gets cab driver at gas station to give us a lift home.
- Get home.  The mister is so bummed we have to go to Calexico and stuff ourselves with food.
- Go to Rite Aid to try to get some of the Target stuff.
- Come back home and need a 2 hour nap from all the eating and roadside standing.
- TV time!


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