Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day...Why Not?

Happy two hours after Australia Day!

No, I'm not Australian but, why not celebrate anyways?! Plus I have an Australian roommate and we couldn't let him miss out on the festivities, right? That would just be cruel. So, we put on our snow boots and trekked through Brooklyn to a friend's for what other then an indoor barbecue? (the whole indoor barbecue seemed like a much better idea when we were a few drinks deep a week earlier) But, despite having to hang out in a smoke filled apartment, and leaving smelling like fire and beef, it was a very successful endeavor. The food was colorful and delicious. Although I was slightly disappointed when I was informed that the "blooming onion" isn't really an Australian cuisine. Next year we're going to Outback Steakhouse.

(shrimp and veggies)

(the biggest, baddest steak in town...and by bad I mean really good)

(My friend Brittany and I getting into some shish kabobs)

After dinner it was time for some TimTams (yummmm city) annnnd some intense games of Mario Kart. Overall it was a very successful night. Thank you Australia :)

And as for our midnight stroll home...

Alright folks...PJs inside out...this girl needs a snow day.


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