Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meeting of the Minds

Hey Cuties!
Tonight we got together to discuss our BIG PLANS for Couple o' Cuties. Alyssa and I are so excited to jump into blogging, and we've had lots and lots of boozy meetings to plan our big entrance!

Tonight we decided to focus on DOING and really take things to the next level.


I whipped us up a quick dinner of pierogies and applesauce so we could get down to work. Even though the meal required only three key ingredients (pierogies, applesauce and onion), I had to visit three different stores on the way home! Frustrating, yes, but I didn't even cry.

(water is for DOers!)

Alyssa was way impressed by my sisterly skills and we sat down to dinner. Rule number one of DOING vs. saying - no wine!

(am I pretty enough for the interweb?)

We did a quick makeup check in the bathroom to make sure we could live up to all the cuteness in the blogosphere.

(hard worker)

We tried to listen to some music while we worked but I couldn't figure out the speakers without my mister, so cest la! We decided to work in front of the TV instead because blogging is always easier (harder) when distracted by the likes of Teen Mom and The Bachelor! Now we are cranky, feeling like a couple o' NOT SO cuties, and wondering if we will be successful in our attempts to share this space. Time will tell.


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