Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Snow

It's another cold, snowy day in Brooklyn, featuring a mix of snow, sleet, rain, and thunder (yes, thunder.)

I know we're all haaating the snow right now, but is it wrong that I still get a little thrill whenever we have a Winter Storm Warning? Even if there's no payoff (but maybe this will be the time!), it's still all so exciting.

I got these Sorels for Christmas last year and I thought I'd never wear them, since they seem more suited for the Alaska tundra than a trek to the subway. They are so big and heavy, they literally pull my socks off every time I take them off. But I guess I underestimated the winter of 2011! I think I've worn them at least once a week so far this winter, and it looks like they'll be making another appearance tomorrow. This is their resting place in the hallway so they don't track dirt in the house.

Mister just came home and brought a surprise dinner from the new mac and cheese place that opened in our neighborhood. He customized two creations for us, bacon, corn and onion mac and cheese, and ....wait for dog, scallion and pumpernickel crouton mac and cheese (yum?). I'll spare you any food photography tonight, but suffice to say we are very much looking forward to dinner. Lucky for him, I brought home dessert from Rite Aid in the form of a heart shaped box of Reese's Peanutbutter Cups!

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow!

But...I'd rather be here..


(If you're interested in the shoe of choice for NY women this week, check it

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