Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Day in the Life of Charlie

Hi Cuties,
Charlie's life is simple so far, yet the days usually go by pretty quickly and are broken up into caring for Charlie and trying to cram in other things when Charlie deigns to sit in his bouncy chair for a 15 minute stretch.  I worry that these days are going by too quickly and he has so much living and growing to do before I'll be ready to leave him for the day.  Also, there's that minor detail of figuring out where we are going to leave him while we are at work.  Details, details, I'm sure it will all work itself out.  
Enjoy the window into Charlie's typical day below, in his own words, of course.  (or you can follow him on twitter @littlemrcharlie for consta-updates.)


12:01 AM - 5 AM
A blur of feedings and waking up every hour.  I hate to sleep in my bassinet!  I only like to stay awake all night with mommy and daddy.

5AM - 8AM
Mommy relents and lets me sleep on her chest for a few hours where I can get nice and comfy.

8AM - 9AM
I sit with daddy while he drinks his coffee and he feeds me a supplemental bottle.  Breast is best but I sure do love my formula bottles.  Gulp, gulp, gulp!

Mommy gives me a bath and picks out something cute for me to wear.

I take a little nap in my bouncy seat.  

I peed all over myself so mommy puts on a new outfit.

Tummy time on my giraffe!

2:30 PM
We go for a walk to the park.  I like to sleep in my stroller.

4:00 PM
Witching hour!  I cry and cry and root around like crazy.

7:00 PM
Yay! Daddy's home!  He changes my diaper and gives me bottles and plays with me to give mommy a rest after a long day.

10:00 PM
"Bed time"  Sometimes mommy and daddy bring me into the bed with them and try to coax me to sleep but I am wide awake!

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