Friday, March 23, 2012


Hi Cuties,
Spring is here and Charlie and I couldn't be happier (if happy means fussy and crying a lot, that is).  We've been going on lots of long walks and fully taking advantage of the weather.  I feel so lucky that the weather has been so nice during my maternity leave.  Any other time, I'd be lucky to get out for a quick walk at lunch so it feels truly luxurious to really be able to enjoy the day outside.  
Tonight, I am (hopefully) escaping a bit to go see Hunger Games!  I am excited to see the movie and spend time with my sisters, yet a little worried that I will fall asleep.  I'm so tired.
This weekend, we'll be taking it easy and enjoying having a little bit more of daddy around.  The mister and I need to sit down and get our lives in order now that Charlie has taken over.  Wish us luck!

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