Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Warriors

when daddy is home, mommy gets to be in the pictures!

Hi Cuties,
Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  Never did I imagine that I would look forward to weekends this much when I am not even working.  I figured all the days would blend together and I'd be like "what, it's Saturday?, I thought it was Tuesday."  But no, 'tis not the case because I have never so eagerly anticipated a Friday night as I do now.  I love Charlie and I am so glad to have this alone time to spend with him but I have come to cherish every moment of family time (aka when daddy is home.)  When daddy is home it is really starting to feel like we are getting in the swing of being our own little family.  We take walks to the park and run errands, visit with friends and family, coo over the cuteness of Charlie and his little outfits, and even are able to laugh through some of the more challenging moments (pee everywhere, Charlie's varying degrees of indignant crying, how his eyes pop open in wide awakefulness the second we put him in his bassinet.  HA, laugh I tell you!)  Charlie always cries through these challenging moments and to be honest, during the week, sometimes so does mommy.  
The heartbreaking part is to think about how much more I'll cherish the weekends in just a few weeks when I return to work.  We'll need to make every moment count because I know how quickly the time will pass.  While it's sad to think about less time with Charlie, it's nice to realize just how full our lives have become and just how special every minute together is.  
This week, Charlie and I will be spending a lot of time outside enjoying the nice weather.  Should be a good one.

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