Sunday, February 5, 2012

Babies "R" Us Coupons and Other Fun Moments from the Weekend

pancakes!  first try had some problems...
but second try was all good.
view from nursery window.  so brooklyn, right?
Deer from Miss Lyss.  Our goal is to see how many different kinds of animals we can fit into one nursery.  so far the nursery has a safari/forest/dinosaur/farm/nautical theme.  And wait until you see next week's project!
closet is getting a little crowded.  
pig and hippo. 
Hi Cuties,
The mister and I spent a relatively quiet weekend together this weekend.  I'm still sick and have been a major baby about it so that's been fun practice for everyone.  After spending most of the week in bed, yesterday I finally ventured out and we took a drive to Target and Babies "R" Us to get some last minute supplies.  Man, I hate Babies "R" Us already and all their coupon nonsense, and I was in no mood for it yesterday.  You basically can't buy anything at Babies "R" Us without a coupon or you are a fool and paying too much, which isn't great for me since I am not much of a coupon person.  I guess part of being a responsible mom is becoming a coupon person (versus paying $20 extra to ship custom organic baby booties from New Zealand.  So cute!) One of the reasons we decided to register at Babies "R" Us in the first place is because you get a coupon to close out your registry a month before your due date.  Well, ours hasn't come yet and the store wasn't super helpful about printing one out for us (even though all my new "friends" on the pregnancy message boards made me believe this would not be a problem.)   Finally we managed to get our hands on a coupon, only to realize the store we were at actually didn't have any of the remaining items on our registry.  We eventually located a few things and decided to just use the coupon anyway but once we got to the checkout register, it didn't work.  Even though the cashier assured us that the 10% was taken off, "it just doesn't show up anywhere on the receipt."  Luckily, I've already learned that coupon follow-through at the register is part of the whole "game" at Babies "R" Us, the final endgame level if you will, so we tirelessly pressed forward on our quest for 10%.   As punishment for our persistence, we then we had to wait in line at customer service for another 15 minutes.  This is usually the part of the Babies "R" Us experience where you start to notice the kids crying and throwing tantrums, tears and snot flying in every direction you look, and you really start to sweat.  The key is not to give in and run screaming from the store - this is just part of the game - all concocted by B "R" U to keep you from your 10%.  (kids don't really cry and stuff, right?)  We waited patiently in line and managed to get our discount refunded to our credit card.  And that is how we got 10% off three items from our registry, including high ticket items such as wipes and baby hangers.  (sadly, I did read online that the registry coupon is actually supposed to be 15%, but I guess you have to choose your battles when dealing with a beast like B "R" U.)  Now we still have about ten items we need on the registry, but no coupon.  Is it possible to have a baby and avoid Babies "R" Us?  I hope so, because I'm pretty much done.  

Anyway, that little expedition pretty much wore me out. By the time we got home, breathing out of my nose at all was no longer an option, so today we took it easy.  The mister made chocolate chip pancakes and we spent the afternoon working on the nursery.  Still hoping to be able to breathe through my nose by the time the baby comes!  Wish me luck!


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