Monday, February 13, 2012

Waiting for Baby

this was the only snow that actually materialized.  nice view of my football trophies! 
the mister went out and got us donuts on saturday morning.  yum!
there is the mister working on a special surprise to go with crock pot sloppy joes...
twice baked potatoes!  In other news, I gained 2 more pounds this weekend.

Hi Cuties,
We had a nice quiet weekend here, you know, just waiting.  I really had a feeling that the baby was going to come this weekend, and I finally thought I was seeing some signs.  But nope, still waiting.  There is something about waiting for the single most important yet physically painful experience of your life to begin that I really can't put into words.  Let's just say it is a weird feeling.  Anxiety-ridden, emotional, yet infuriatingly boring.  I know at some point, things are definitely going to happen, but sometimes it doesn't feel that way.  And the mister is definitely starting to go stir crazy.  His capacity for sitting around is vastly lower than mine plus he is not nine months pregnant.   I know we should enjoy these last few days of peace, which is what I am trying to do, but it's hard!

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