Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fajita Leftovers

Tonight the mister made us a fabulous leftover fajita feast.  It was my idea.  We had steak on Sunday, and chicken last night and tonight we (he) used the leftovers to make fajitas.  He even used the leftover corn to make pico de gallo.  The only thing that was not homemade was the guacamole.  Does anyone else have a very hard time finding ripe avocados at the supermarket?  Our supermarket either has a whole bin of overripe avocados or a whole bin of avocados that are about a week away from ripening.  There seems to be no happy medium nor rhyme or reason to this (one time we discovered a bin of unripened in the morning, only to return later that day to a bin of soft and mushy.  No, we do not spend all day at the supermarket.  Sometimes we forget things!)  Would love to have toasted the successful meal with a big 'ol margarita, but maybe next time...

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