Sunday, April 1, 2012


Hi Cuties,
Yeah, it's been a little while.  Still figuring out the dreaded mom word over here, "balance."  So far, "balance" has meant devoting all my time to Charlie and prioritizing the rest.  Lest you think I am turning into some sort of mom martyr, you'll note that the priority list squarely puts me at #2 versus housework or some other necessary evil. The daily list goes something like this (note: these tasks are accomplished with varying degrees of success depending on how long Charlie will let me put him down throughout the day.  Some days we make it through the list.  Most days we make it through task #3.):

1.  Eat yogurt and my Eggos.  If this task can't be accomplished by 11AM, #1 ain't happening for momma today.  I never ate breakfast before I got pregnant anyway, so maybe I should give up the dream.
2.  Throw in some laundry.  
3.  Take a shower.
4.  Eat lunch.  
5.  Get dressed and "do hair and makeup."  Don't get any grand illusions here - it's not pretty.
6.  Other Stuff.  Other stuff includes straightening up around the house, returning emails, returning phone calls, etc.  It doesn't really matter what Other Stuff actually includes because I never get to it anyway.  Yet. We're still getting the hang of things over here.

Now, cuties, you may be saying, what about TV Time?  C, have you given up TV, your most precious pastime for the devotion to your child?  Wrong!  TV Time coincides with Charlie Time and can be fit in during Breast Time or Sleeping On Mommy's Breast Time.  In fact, never have I been so caught up on TV as I am now.  I've had to resort to the dreaded On Demand and occasionally watching live TV, the horror.  Sidenote:  are you all watching Celebrity Apprentice?  How wonderful is Arsenio Hall? (editor's note: scratch that, just finished tonight's episode. Spoiler alert: Arsenio is a little cray cray. 110%.)  And how dumb is our good old Teresa?  Painfully dumb, right? And for anyone who's CONCERNED, while I do value the importance of exposing Charlie to "reality" at an early age, I currently reserve TV Time to moments while he is sleeping or "otherwise engaged."  Mostly.


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