Friday, August 17, 2012

Fantastic Friday

Hey Cuties,
Wow, what a week.  Just when you think you are getting back into the swing of things, life throws you a curve ball.  We came back from vacation absolutely determined to sleep train Charlie, who had sunk to an all time low (no offense, baby.)  Nights one and two went relatively well.  Charlie fussed for a few minutes and then fell asleep.  Cue Wednesday night and like clockwork Charlie aborted Operation Sleep Through the Night by getting super sick with a horrible cough, cold and fever.  Ugh.  I stayed home with him on Thursday to try to nurse him back to health and he is doing better today.  Attempting to work from home is of course always a challenge.  You know on Teen Mom when you watch them try to study for their GED, and whichever teen mom of the moment voices over "I really need to study for the GED but (insert random baby name) makes it impossible to get anything done."  And you see teen mom sitting at her laptop, half heartedly scrolling down the screen, with baby on her lap squirming around and pulling at her face for like three seconds before she gives up.  And you're all like, "Girl, come on, you barely tried. You seriously can't even get your GED?"  Well, let me tell you, that is actually what it is like.  Not easy.  Anyway, my throat and ear hurt.  Probably has something to do with lot of baby germs being slobbered all over me (including in my mouth and up my nose, just so there is no question of contamination.)  

So, without further ado, Friday Finds.  

1.  Ting, the soft drink du jour of St. Kitt's.  Tastes like grapefruit and is SO GOOD.  "Oh, you mean Fresca," you say.  Wrong, much, much better than Fresca and I miss it terribly already.
2.  Gotta love that when I google imaged Ting I also found this adorable picture of my dear friend Nelson whose last name also happens to be Ting.  Talk about a Friday find!
3.  Swamplandia.  Girls, you've got to read this, you'll love it.  You know when you go through like 5 books that you are just eh about and then all of a sudden you start reading a book and it just pulls at your heart, and you're like, yes, my angsty teenage side is still in there and I can FEEL THINGS.  That is this book.  It is a breath of fresh air on the subway every morning.
4.  On a lighter note, went on a little J Crew binge before vacation and how fun is this bracelet?  And it is for a good cause, so why wouldn't you get one?
5. I also got a super cute makeup case but I can't find a pic.  What I did find was this wedding veil.  So sweet, do I hear a vow renewal?

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!

PS Speaking of Teen Mom, what is up with the "rehab" Amber was visiting?  Her "therapist" or "life counselor" or whatever he was called didn't exactly seem like he had his shit together or any kind of actual background in the rehab field, am I right? Or is it just me?  

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