Monday, May 14, 2012

First Mother's Day

breakfast in bed, courtesy of Charlie and the mister

what a sweet card, Charlie is so sweet, right?

exhausted from cooking breakfast

check out my new necklace

hanging on the blanket


Hi Cuties,
Have I told you how much I love Mother's Day?  Since my mom passed away, Mother's Day, eh, hasn't been my favorite holiday.  But now that I'm a mom, it has taken on a whole new meaning and I LOVE it.  The mister and Charlie and I spent a nice day together with breakfast in bed, a new necklace and a picnic in the park.  I feel so lucky to be a mom to this little guy!
PS. Even though Sunday was my day, Charlie is all about daddy lately.  Man, does this kid ever love his daddy. When he hears Erik's voice his eyes get so wide and he looks all around for him and then once his eyes alight on Erik's face, it's just BIG SMILES and lots of baby cooing.  Don't worry, I'm not jealous.  At all, not at all. 

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