Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

Iced coffee is my new thing.  The mister got me some and a cookie for us to share from the bakery down the street that we frequent.    Something was always a little "off" with the baked goods we brought home and then I finally realized everything there is vegan.

my little monster.

Charlie was so good on his car trips (as long as I sat in the back with him.)

look how big this kid is getting.

Charlie has quite the little patch of hair going on the back of his head.

Lyss hanging on the porch.

We finally bought Charlie some baby sunglasses at Target, and he LOVES them (well, at least, he doesn't not love them.)

We took a little trip back to PA this weekend for my stepsister's graduation party.  Charlie was quite the hit!  He finally got to meet most of his extended family and he was so well behaved and comfortable being passed around.  Incidentally, my aunts and uncles told me that I did NOT like being passed around and that as soon as I was handed off to someone, my eyes got very big and immediately scanned the room for mommy and daddy. This didn't really surprise me, but I'm glad that Charlie is already more comfortable around people than I am.  
Everyone was so excited to meet Charlie - it really was the best feeling.  My aunt even brought me a lamp that my mom had gifted to my cousin 15 years ago.  We hand't bought a lamp for the nursery yet and I can't even tell you how much it means to have something in there that my mom picked out.  
After celebrating the graduation on a rainy Sunday, today we went out to lunch to celebrate my dad's retirement. So many exciting changes in this here little family of ours.

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