Monday, May 7, 2012


my arms were pretty tired from holding him the whole graduation, um, can you tell?

The cuties took a little trip to Pittsburgh this weekend to help my youngest stepsister celebrate her graduation from Point Park University.  Micky is the last of the five of us to graduate from college so my dad was one happy camper.  He is retiring like, um, tomorrow.  James and Jamie still have some grad school graduations coming up, so we're not out of the woods yet though!  I think I did a pretty good job maintaining my "flexible, take it as it comes" attitude this weekend and we had a great time.  The whole family only gets together a few times a year so we try to really make the most of weekends like this.  The mister and I, unfortunately, did not make it to the kegger.   It was one of those moments where it's just like, eh, we're old, and so tired, and we have a baby, but it was a little bit sad for both of us.  Charlie was a trooper.  He had his moments, and found the graduation to be particularly interminable, but nothing we couldn't handle and the poor baby did a great job considering he had to spend more than seven hours in the car yesterday.  (Yesterday was the Pittsburgh marathon and because of the road closures we couldn't figure out how to get out of the city.  It took almost two hours!  This may sound like a light hearted challenge but it wasn't!  It sucked! And it was not taken in stride!)
Now that we are home, Charlie is having some adjustment issues, especially after sleeping the day away yesterday.  We are easing him into daycare this weeks and I'm hating it.  It sounds like he did okay today but we had a rough afternoon and evening around here.  Hoping he gets some good sleep tonight to get back on track. 
The weekend, in pictures... 
Charlie got to spend some time in his special monkey seat that stays at grandpop's 
way too much sleeping in the car

polka dots!

lots of time with aunt lyss this weekend.

careful packing, easy access!

hanging out in the park by aunt micky's house

relaxing on aunt micky's bed

the Jamies.  notice the sunglass/belt coordination

the graduate with little mr. charlie

more carseat!

we walked around station square while the rest of the family took a duck tour

sleeping in the stroller, which, you guessed it, is also the car seat! aargh!

miss lyss, back from the duck tour

daddy and charlie sleep through any saturday night parties

packed and ready to go!

and...back in the car!

charlie slept through, oh, about the first ten minutes of graduation before we had to make a hasty retreat

big bed, little baby
everyone looks cute in this pic but me, but that's the five of us!
me and the babe

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