Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

fro yo stop 5 minutes after brunch.  Why not?

this kid sure does love his daddy

hanging with aunt lyss
Charlie's favorite wide-eyed esxpression
these kids were all up in the mister's face at dinner.  luckily we were all cool with it because, ya know, we have kids too.
Sleepyheads!  When baby falls asleep on mommy's legs, what else can mommy do but watch TV?

Hi Cuties,
We had a lovely weekend hanging around the hood, doing our usual thing, brunch, the park, etc, but I am TIRED. Charlie has given up sleeping the past few nights and now we are back to the beginning with sleep training. Combine this new development with my return to work and I am really starting to feel exhausted.  This has led me to one obvious conclusion... it's time to start drinking coffee. I am not a coffee drinker for whatever reason. My parents weren't that into coffee (Folgers, seriously) and I just never really took to it.  At some point, it seemed like it might be a thing to start doing, but I hate to embark on a new addiction as an adult, plus I was always running late in the mornings so there really wasn't time to nurture a coffee addiction in the way it truly deserved.  If I did have a bit of coffee, I was wired (like pale and shaking kind of wired.)  But, guys, I need something.  On Saturday morning, I was really dragging and I asked the mister to bring me an iced coffee.  After just a few sips, I felt GREAT, like I could take on the world.  And now I'm thinking, maybe coffee is the secret to my success as supermom?  Let's hope.

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