Sunday, June 3, 2012

Full Days

Charlie is (sporadically) so happy in the morning and it is the best thing ever to wake up to even at 5AM. 
The mister and I managed a date night (thanks to miss lyss) and stumbled upon the strongest margaritas in the neighborhood.  Which led us to daringly order an appetizer at dinner involving bone marrow. Ew.
Happy in the morning.
We spent some time with Erik's family this weekend and tried to get some cute cousin shots.  You can see the results.
With all the time we've spent in the car lately, I've been relegated to the back with Charlie.  Cute but I kind of miss the front!

I've been giving Charlie a bit more diaper time lately to let that little belly breathe.
Please look at this cute bottle/nuk drying rack from Boon that the mister ordered online.  It's cute, right?

So, what's going on around here?  Well, nothing crazy, but, a lot?  I am back at work full swing and it is such a weird combination of a lot to get re-used to and feeling like I never left.  Things are super crazy and busy at work, as is the norm, and combine that with me trying to pump twice a day (not fun) and pick Charlie up from daycare, and it is making me feel a little stretched.  Honestly, I haven't been very successful at picking up Charlie from daycare so far and luckily the mister has been able to step in and get him most nights.  It does feel like a minute to minute attempt to prioritize throughout the day.  And to be honest, while it is overwhelming, I don't hate it.  Life kind of feels delightfully full, and so far, I'm liking it.  Yes, I'm dealing with all the crazy emotions I knew I'd be dealing with and there have definitely been more than a few moments of guilt already.  But I'm not reinventing the wheel here.  I'm certainly not the first working mom to hit the advertising world but yet there aren't too many working moms at my agency which allows me the luxury of feeling like one of those harried doing it all career woman moms from the movies (I'm thinking like some sort of recent Sarah Jessica Parker movie).  There are not even close to enough hours in the day to get everything done but there is also a lot less time to spend thinking and worrying about it, which has been pretty refreshing so far.  Anyway, it's really early days so I should shut up now, but it's not all bad, kids, it's not all bad.  

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