Monday, May 2, 2011

One Last Hawaii Post

Okay, one last Hawaii post to cheer up your/my Monday. (Does this cheer anyone up?  Reading about someone else's vacation?  I'm not sure.  I'm not sure it's even cheering me up.) I realize the expiration date has passed on this Hawaii trip, but I loved this part of the trip and if we ever go back to Hawaii, this is where you'll find me.  Erik and I decided to stay one night longer than my parents since we arrived a day later.  Our time share was over on Friday, so we scoured the internet for the perfect place for our Friday night stay.  The Paia Inn, a small boutique hotel in the hippie town of Paia, seemed to fit the bill. From the second we pulled into the parking lot I loved, loved this hotel.  The hotel staff came out to greet us and show us our upgraded room, which was the frickin' cutest two bedroom suite. My parents had a late flight so this was perfect.  They were able to spend the day with us and get one last beach trip in before their flight back to reality.  I so wish we could have stayed longer.  After we settled in, the super nice woman at the front desk led us down a winding path to the most beautiful, practically private beach.  I am missing Hawaii so much just thinking about it, but I am so grateful we had such a great last night. If anyone goes to Maui, I highly recommend the Paia Inn, even if it is just for a night or two.

Cute rooms.  These pics don't do them justice.  each room had one of those sound machines that sounds like the ocean and I LOVED it.  Almost as much as fake flowers.  I might get one for our room here.
Each room also came with a cute lil' beach bag and beach towels. 
 Path down to the perfect beach.  Note, this was only part of the path.
Beautiful beach at the end of the path
Okay, not totally deserted
dad and mags on one last beach walk
Delicious breakfast prepared for us in the courtyard the next day.  La di da, i know.
Bye, perfect beach, perfect vacation! Until next time!

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