Monday, May 9, 2011

Sister Sunday

So, this Mother's Day Carolyn and I decided to celebrate Sister Sunday instead.  We enjoyed a lazy brunch outside at Lokal where we ordered matching entrees. Which, I was too lazy to take to pictures of.  Trust me, they looked and tasted delicious.  So did the bellinis;)  After brunch decided to stroll the waterfront and check out the brooklyn flea market.  Honestly, I found it all a little overwhelming.  Way crowded and way to many of the same people if you know what I mean.  We finally escaped and decided to relax on the pier for a minute and soak up some rays. For anyone who knows us, you understand that by soak up some rays I mean burn baby burn.  I definitely had a nice red glow to me at work today. We also mayyy have used our last bits of bellini buzz to shop for some new shades.
pretty C

This picture is way to intense for me but, its the only one I got.  So go ahead...make fun.

Welp, happy Monday!


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