Monday, May 16, 2011

Surprise Saturday

This weekend the rents paid a special visit to C and I in the big city. We were hoping to be lucky enough to get them for lunch but, to our surprise we got a whole family filled day:)  Planning a day full of impressive activities usually sends Carolyn and I straight into panic mode.  However, this surprise visit brought out the super fun spontaneous sisters in us.  We met them at the High Line for a morning stroll before brunch and took some cute pics.  We then took them to Dos Caminos (our staple) for some drinks and grub.  Never fails.

After stuffing our faces we decided it'd be best to walk uptown...our destination...Broadway!  The rents came equipped with four tickets to the broadway musical "Catch Me If You Can."  But, before we could make it to the theater we of course got sidetracked by a little shopping.

C and Mags checking out some vintage jewelry 

The show was great and the day was fab. Wish we could do it more often!


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