Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Links

Looks like Friday links will be Saturday links since Blogger was down yesterday (and deleted my shoe post for me, ballsy move.) Yes, we're doing links now. As I've said before, I just want to be like all the other girls.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Lyss and I are having a surprise Saturday with the parents. They are coming into the city on a bus trip to see a show and through a series of unexpected events, they will now be spending the day with us as well. Surprise! Get excited, parents! Lyss and I are just a mess of fabulousness on the weekends, so they are very lucky.

Check out the links below for some cute stuff around the web:

Less is more.  Simple flowers rule the day with this laid back wedding.  Bklynbrideonline

Australia is looking pretty nice these days.  Wheremyheartresides

Love these pictures.  Still a little wedding obsessed.  That dress!  Stylemepretty

Oh, cute, cute, cute.  Love this blazer. Iwanttobeher

Fun DIY Pop up Cards.  Ohhappyday

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