Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Fiending

saw these flowers on the way home. pretty, pretty.

Really, really wishing for a warm sunny day tomorrow. At this point, I am completely reliant on the weather to elevate the health of miss alyssa, who's been sick, and to kick up both of our moods a notch. Feeling the need to revamp my life a bit. The mister and I have had some talks of purging our apartment of junk lately. Purging, I tell you! Scary, I know, but I just want to get rid of all this STUFF. How did we accumulate so much? Where did it all come from? Haha, yes, I know exactly where it all came from (Old Navy, kill me), but still. I managed to get rid of a shirt yesterday. Just one little shirt. It was one of those shirts that were cute in maybe 2002, a corduroy cowboy kind of shirt with pearly snaps and pockets. I'm picturing the era of Juliette Lewis with the spiky pixie cut (hmm, now I'm thinking it's cute again, omg baby tees.) You know what I mean? Like, why? Why did I still need that? I've already tried to get rid of it like 5 times and couldn't do it. But baby, steps I guess. I swear, when pearly button cowboy shirts are all the rage again in two months, I'm just going to cry myself to sleep at night. And then I'm going to go out and buy three new pearly button cowboy shirts to make up for the one. And then what? My purge will have been pointless.  

Well, anyway, I'm gonna make a plan and put it up on this blog for all the world to see and it's gonna be great and A NEW ME. I'm going to do that tomorrow maybe. Oooh, I just remembered tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Whoo hoo! Happy TV watching tonight, kiddos.


  1. You kill me. Are you the only one purging or is this a whole apartment activity? I sure hope that your other half is a bit more successful.

  2. It is going to be a master purge and all parties will be involved. Think whatever a minimalist's apartment would look like ;)