Wednesday, June 22, 2011

East River Ferry

Last weekend Erik was very anxious to show me the wonders of the East River Ferry. With pickups in Greenpoint and free service, the mister had been enjoying a waterway commute the whole week (yes, it took double the normal time. Guess when you don't have to be at work until 10, you have time for leisure.)

I was a bit skeptical, having seen numerous blog posts outlining Saturday plans mirroring our very own.  

But Saturday morning, we optimistically headed over to the dock, with plans to spend the day in Dumbo. Sure enough, when we got to the ferry, there was a very long line. And when the ferry finally came, they only let on ten people!  After waiting about an hour, we finally got on a ferry - going in the wrong direction. Two stops later we found ourselves in midtown and were forced to disembark. The horror - we tried to hide but the captain found us and made us get off - how embarrassing. Twenty minutes later we were back on the ferry and finally on our way to Dumbo. As the little old lady behind us in line said to Erik, "what a great opportunity!"

After hanging out in Dumbo for just a wee little bit, we started wondering how the hell we were going to get back to Greenpoint. And that's when we ran into my best friend, taxicab.  

Once we were back in the hood things took a turn for the better because we ran into my cutest little sister ever and got to hang out with her for the rest of the night.  

It's gonna be a little while before I venture onto the waterway again. 


There she is...and there she goes while we still wait on the dock.
Only two more allowed on so Erik and I got to butt in front of a bunch of families.  Later, suckers!
fun on the ferry.
Dumbo! We made it. Now what?
Photo to prove we were there.
and back to the 'burgh.  There's our cutie!
drinks on the roof.  things our looking up.
happy to be home.

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