Sunday, June 12, 2011

DC Family Fun

Hi Cuties,
Had a great weekend visiting with my brother, James, and parents in DC. I have an early meeting here tomorrow so decided to come on Saturday to spend the weekend with my family.  

James has been so sick the whole week and his apartment kind of sounded like a hot zone, so I ended up staying with my parents at the hotel. Roomies! They loved it! (not). I kind of loved it though. We stayed at the Mayflower Renaissance and it was really nice. I think E and I need to start getting our Marriott rewards points on too.

Once we were all settled in, the parents and I enjoyed a little happy hour at the hotel and then met up with James for a night of some Burmese cuisine and the theater. James never puts anything through the "parent filter" and that's why we love him. Luckily, his enthusiasm for everything is absolutely contagious. The play we saw was at the forum theater in Silver Springs and was called bobrauschenbergamerica, basically a collection of random scenes inspired by the art of Robert Rauschenberg. It had a very americana feel, which gives me the best feeling and always reminds me of my Grandmom's house. Anything that involves a soundtrack of evening sounds like crickets chirping and a little red, white and blue makes me happy.  

Today, we headed over to the Pride Festival after brunch. It was so hottt. I heard it was cooler in NYC today, but it was about 90 in DC and we were forced to seek refuge at the movies at a 2PM showing of Super 8. We all LOVED this movie and everyone should go see it. Just a cute fun, feel good summer movie with a little bit of somethin' somethin' for everyone.  

Now I'm settled in at my new hotel getting ready for my meeting tomorrow. Good DC weekend but definitely starting to feel a little homesick, now that I'm by my lonesome. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend too.

Mags is obsessed with tennis so we couldn't pass up this photo op

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