Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Links

Weekend C
Hope everyone has a fab weekend.  I'll be living it up out on Long Island this weekend and who knows what Alyssa's doing.  Have fun and be careful, please. 

Boho chic dress, perfect for walking around the city

Yeah, neon!  That hat!  Those nails!

I used to collect pennants when I was little.  Who doesn't have a pennant collection?  These are a lot prettier than the ones I used to have.

I can't believe there is a whole "technique" built around a kitchen timer.  Yet strangely appealing.  Perhaps in its simplicity.  Did everyone else know about this?

What now?  More neon?

So cute.  And sexy in a sweet way.

Jane Pratt, back in action and I like it.  

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