Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Montreal Part II

              So, I just wanted to quick finish filling you in on my trip to Montreal.  The rest of our weekend we spent shopping, exploring, eating and of course heavily drinking.  We didn't do as much shopping as I would have liked but, we did stumbled across a few really cute vintage shops.

Some of us managed to escape with quite a steal :/

Montreal was beautiful and full of color.  The architecture in Old Montreal was classic and really made you feel like you were in fact in another country.  The rest of the city was covered in some awesome graffiti pieces. A lot less tags and a lot more art.

  As far as food went...we ate some of the worst and some of the best.  Two of the nights we were there we made really horrible restaurant selections.  I'm talking green burgers type of bad.  Luckily no one got sick and the rest of the meals more then made up for it.  The morning we left we finished of the trip by fulfilling the waffle craving we'd been having at this amazing little place next to our hotel.

Good stuff Montreal.


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