Friday, June 3, 2011

Rainy Days in Lake George

E and I spontaneously decided to head north for Memorial Day weekend too.  Not quite as far as Montreal, but we did take a fun three hour drive up to Lake George.  I had never been but it was so nice there.  Tons of cute little motel/cabins and the lake was really beautiful.  It's a little surprising I found it to be so cute because I usually hate hate motels.  Ick.  But since these were kitschy "cabin" motels, I let it slide.

Lake George turned out to be a little rainy too, so when we got there on Saturday, we had to go to the outlets and do some shopping (Erik dragged me kicking and screaming).  I got my outlet on big time, girls. Had to make up for all that "purging." Thank god for rainy vacation days. Luckily things cleared up on Sunday, and we were able to spend a little time getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and relaxing on the beach.  Also picked up some way fun souvenirs after a few drinks at happy hour.  Will post some photos later!


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