Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bump Day

Hi Cuties,
Feeling pretty happy to be over the hump this week!  The mister and I have our marathon lamaze class this weekend, five hours on Saturday and then again on Sunday.  Should be brutal.  Definitely wishing we signed up for something weekly like most normal people do, instead of procrastinating until it is almost too late and having to cram the whole thing into one weekend when I've clearly reached the "uncomfortable" stage of pregnancy. And our nursery furniture is coming this weekend!  Don't ask how it will be delivered when we're not here (that's what sisters are for, I hope, I hope.)
Today, I dug into Erik's side of the closet again.  Alyssa got him this shirt for Christmas, but today, it's mine. The mister has about 50 variations of this kind of shirt so I could really get a ninth month pregnancy uniform going if I so desired, and not repeat once!  

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