Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Torpedo Belly

Last night, the mister told me my belly is starting to look like a torpedo.  At first I didn't get it (what's a torpedo, right?) but I tried to take some pics tonight to give you an idea of what he means.  I guess I kind of get it.  My stomach is just propelling forward, and NOTHING CAN STOP IT, mwah hah ha.  It's kind of scary, considering I still have over a month left.  I really was feeling strongly that I would go into labor early a few weeks ago but the past week, not so much.  I think I may have been delusional.  
Anyway, if you can't tell by the awesome hallway pics I took of myself, the mister is out tonight having fun, and I'm chilling here having a major snack attack and watching The Bachelor by myself (yes, it is sad watching it without the mister, but when I checked with him first he said he didn't mind. huumph.)  I'm up to the part where Ben takes Casey B. to an old theater and surprises her with home videos of herself growing up.  A little weird, no?  Like can you imagine how creepy it would be if a guy did that on a first date for real?  Yikes.  And now he's crying - on a first date!  Bachelor Ben, you are kind of a hot mess!  Girls, don't try this at home!

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