Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chicken Soup

Well, we've got a major sickie over here.   The mister has a horrible cold and he is so miserable, it is hard to watch.  The mister is one of those people who doesn't usually get sick and if he does start to get sick he denies all sickness until it goes away.  But so far this year, he has been sick three times!  And it's still January.  When he does get sick, like anyone, he needs some serious TLC, so I have been doing my best, especially since he has taken care of me pretty much nonstop for the last nine months.  I even made homemade chicken soup today.  I don't think I have had homemade chicken soup since my mom used to make it for us growing up. Luckily, I seem to have some renewed energy the past few days.  Maybe my nesting instinct is finally kicking in!  Maybe that means the baby is coming soon.  I'm 37 weeks today, so officially full term, but this baby can't come until the mister is 100% healthy, so let's hope the little guy is still comfy in there (yes, I know the baby probably won't come for at least another three weeks.  stop reminding me.)  Week 38, here we come, there is so much going on, it should be an interesting one to say the least!  Let's hope the mister wakes up feeling better tomorrow!

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