Monday, January 23, 2012

Map Attack

Hi Cuties,
Check out our newest addition!  No, it's not a baby.  But hopefully it is something that will give us happiness for a long time.  It's a giant map.  The mister had it framed and we ordered a bunch of different colored tacks so we can mark off the places we've been, one color for me, one color for the mister and one color for all the places we've been together.  Soon we'll add a new color for baby!
I bought this map for Erik as a first anniversary present since the traditional first anniversary gift is paper.  Pretty clever I thought, but I've come to realize that maybe I am a crappy gift giver.   Basically, I ordered the map.  It didn't get here in time for our anniversary so instead of having a wrapped present, I just had to tell Erik about it. Then when it arrived it sat in the corner of our bedroom for a good four months before Erik found a place that could make a custom frame and special ordered the frame and carted it home on the subway by himself.   When I came to the sad conclusion that I guess I should have followed through since it was my gift he said, "don't worry, it was a gift for both of us!"  As if that makes it better that my anniversary gift to him was actually for me too.
Oh well, I guess that's why we make a great team ;)  And I know what you're thinking, once the baby comes, we won't go anywhere anymore.  Well it's not true!  We are looking forward to filling up that map with lots of family tacks!

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