Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hi Cuties,
We are up to our eyeballs in baby preparation over here.  From daycare visits, to nursery setup, to lamaze classes, I'm starting to feel like this is really happening! 

We had our lamaze classes this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.   I thought the class was pretty helpful as far as getting us in the right mindset, but I'm scared now!  Labor sounds totally scary and it's happening people, it's happening soon.  The girls in the class seemed most concerned with getting enough to eat before the big event goes down, and I have to tell you, that is not my concern.   Not after hearing about some of the things that happen during nature's miracle.  After class we took a hospital tour, and yikes, those rooms are small (even the private rooms for over $300 a night are small.)  But without a private room, your partner can't stay with you which sounds scary too.  Did you know that they just give you the baby right away and you're on your own??  It's pretty much like, hello, you just popped out a baby, and now you need to take care of it and change it's diaper and feed it breast milk.  One girl asked what happens if you don't want to take care of the baby (it wasn't me!)  The instructor just looked at her.   Exciting times, my friends!

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