Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Long Days

Hey Cuties,
Sorry for the lack of posting.  This week has been pretty tiring.  Can it really be all because of daylight savings time?  I don't know, but that coupled with long work days has left me pretty spent.  I am cherishing my couple of hours between work and sleep.  Last night, Lyss and I managed to get out for a bit for a little girl talk.  And of course, it's nice to see my mister at the end of a long day.  Other than that, these are the things that are getting me excited right now for those special few hours at the end of a long day (yes, it's all food and drink, and yes, I know my life is verrry verrry glamorous):
Easy mac, it never gets old.  Delicious and nutritious.  And easy.

Peeps, they're not just for Easter anymore.  Well, it is Easter but you know what I mean.
Oh, whatever, stop judging.  It's called unwinding.

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