Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brother Visit Part II

Brooklyn Flea
So, we finished off our brother weekend with a trip to the the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday.   During the winter months the flea market is held indoors so, luckily we were able to avoid the torrential downpours of the day.  Overall, it was a great day filled with food, fun and mayyybe a few hangovers.  We started with the food which cured the hangovers which therefore led to fun;)  I chose to hit up the famous grilled cheese stand while the rest of crew hit up the asian hot dog stand.  Delishhh....
Grilled ham and cheese...tasted as good as it looked.
That's me!
James gettin into his grub.
After revitalizing with some excellent flea market cuisine, we set out to check out some of the vendors.  There was a lot to see and it was slightly overwhelming.  However, I was definitely able to pick out some favorite stands.  First was an awesome frame vendor.  I need some new frames to add to my collections so, these caught my eye.
My favorite were the these big wooden unpainted frames.
There was also plenty of vintage clothing to admire.  I found a few awesome pieces but unfortunately a lot if it was a little too grimy/overpriced for my liking.  Shopping around started to inspire Carolyn and I to start our own stand.  I feel like we could make a killin;)
One of my fav spots.
I was most tempted by the jewelry.  Here's C checking out an awesome vintage zebra broach.

After a long day of shopping we hit up the mini cupcake stand for one last treat before calling it a day.  

It was a great idea to check out the flea market this weekend.   If you haven't been it's definitely something you should check out too!  Starting in April it will be outside again so, perhaps check it out with some sunshine!


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