Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Funday

I love Sunday Fundays.  I don't know why I spend all weekend hanging out and relaxing and then I choose Sunday to get my drink on and stumble around the city but, it always seems to work out that way.  It really isn't practical.  Maybe I feel the need to get in one last hurrah before I head back to work/hell on Monday morning. Anyways, today ended up being a Sunday Funday.  My partner in crime for todays outings... my good friend Erika *********** (I don't really feel like counting if that's the right number of * but let's pretend.)

We started with brunch at the Dos Caminos in the meat packing district which 1. is an awesome people watching spot, 2. has banging breakfast tacos and 3. has superrr strong complimentary margaritas.:)   I always leave happy, full and with only a semi pukey feeling.  

We were going to stop drinking at brunch but, then got pulled by some crazy force into the Stanton beer garden. Anyways, we took some pics with big beers.    
that's like 6 of my bladders
Erika ********
  Neither of us had been to the beer garden before.  Our final conclusion was that this place sucks and is full of douchebags and skanks.  Thats harsh I know but, it had to be said.  I don't really know what I expected.  After the beer garden we walked around the highline park for some fresh air.
Me and my backpack checking out the view.
 I wanna live in one of these. So day.
I also may or may not have done some shopping or at least some drunken perusing.  
I really want this bag from Anthropology.
If you were wondering what my eye looked like really big you're in luck.
LOVE these glasses. 
It was a fun filled day for sure.  Now I'm home and crashing.  I'm not so ready to head back to the office tomorrow but, hey, only 5 more days till the weekend.:) Oh and happy first day of Spring!!


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