Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Brooklyn Shopping

Hey Cuties,
Just another relaxing weekend in Brooklyn over here.  After a crazy busy week, it is so nice to just bum around the neighborhood with the mister.  Since the weather is finally warming up, we walked all around the hood and just enjoyed the day on Saturday.  I wasn't planning on buying anything, but... I did, so what, who caares?  Just some accessories, nothing too crazy.  I can't stop buying gold jewelry.  Somewhere along the line I decided that you can never have too much jewelry.  I have a little nagging feeling deep inside that this may not be true, but I've become pretty good at ignoring such pangs.  And somehow I managed to buy another belt.  And another scarf.  But, that's it.  I justified it at the time, but after spending the day today trying to "put away my clothes" (ie shove as much stuff into every crevice of every drawer and every closet as possible), I am feeling some major shopping guilt.   It didn't help that I was watching wedding sunday on TLC and every other ten minutes featured an ad from Hoarders taunting me from the television. The saddest part was when E came home after a day at work and gave me the proud thumbs up on my cleaning even though it is still totally messy with clothes and shoes hanging out of the closet (and the second closet).  Nothing like setting low expectations.  I done good, girls.  

That is a puddle!
I love this guy.  I know it's trendy, but someday for my future digs, it will happen.
The mister loves having his picture taken.

Remember these days?
This is our favorite new dinner spot in Brooklyn.  We took my bro here last weekend and it was a big success!

I bought this precious little ring at boutique on Franklin St.
The new waterfront area in Williamsburg is so nice and was so empty (pre mega condo occupation)

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