Monday, March 21, 2011

Hangin' with the Animals

This weekend, we headed out to Long Island to visit Erik's family.  While certain cuties who shall not be named were galavanting around the city, the mister and I were responsibly hanging out with our favorite nephew, Nate.  We miss that little guy all the time and we were so worried that he a) wouldn't remember us or b) would have become a full-fledged grownup since we last saw him.  Luckily, he did remember us and while he has mastered the art of putting together puzzles on his own ("I smart,") he is still a two-year-old, thank goodness!  Saturday we went to a local ecology site with a cute little petting zoo to check out the animals.  It was a weekend well spent, but too short, of course.

the man of the hour
These goats were way aggressive.  Nate steered clear.
Lots of rules ...

endless fun with this one ;)

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