Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exploring Good Old NYC

So, this weekend I took one of my first real trips to Chelsea Market.  I've strolled in a few times but never stayed more then a minute to really check it out.  It's actually pretty neat and definitely something that, as a New Yorker, I should have checked out ages ago.  Glad I can check it off my list.  Now I just need to check out the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty etc etc etc.  I know, it's very pathetic ha.  But, anyways, back to my trip to the Chelsea Market.  Take a look at some of my pics...

It's hard to find veggies this pretty in NYC.
Fresh baked bread...yummm.
stinky yet awesome fish market
and for the grand finale...cupcakes galore
These were my favorite!  They're cupcakes if you can't tell:)

I didn't actually end up buying anything at the market.  But, who needs to shop when you can get free samples?


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