Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Prettiest Picture

So, the other day while wandering the city, I stumbled upon this little flea market on the corner of Ave A and 11th St.  Most of the stuff was junk but, there were a few good jewelry stands and one awesome photography stand.  The guy running the photography stand was a collector of vintage photography and had a ton of really interesting photos.  He had one stack of photos that were all images of old boats and docks.  They were huge photos and all beautifully developed.  I spent forever going through the stack but finally chose one. He ended up selling it to me for 4 bucks and I wish I had picked out more of them!  Perhaps I'll head back next weekend and see if he's there.  I also bought all these old black and white photos of Elvis which are far from tacky and actually super sick looking.  I love them.

One of the Elvis photos


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