Sunday, March 27, 2011

Early Bird Saturday

Hi Cuties,
This weekend the mister had his fantasy baseball draft on Saturday night from 8:30 - 12.  Is that not just the worst timing for cool kids like us?  Not only did we miss Earth hour, but it kind of puts a damper on the usual Saturday night routine.  Now, let's be clear about something. The usual routine doesn't really involve anything crazier than drinks, dinner and a movie (enjoyed at home, on the couch).  But, to our credit, it at least keeps us out until after 8:30.  So this Saturday, we just decided to move our whole routine up a bit.  No, not brunch, kids. Brunch is what everyone else is doing in this hipster neighborhood. We had our sights set on an early dinner, lupper if you will.  The perfect time for a Saturday lupper in Brooklyn is around 5. Brunch is winding down and dinner is hours from getting going, so it's usually hard to tell if a restaurant is even open.   Once one awkwardly asserts themselves as the only patrons of the bar for a few pre-lupper drinks, that's when the rest of the lupper crowd starts rolling in, mainly visiting parents, and people with very young children.  And this Saturday, us, the trio of cuties. The good thing about lupper is you really have your pick of restaurants (and they are never out of the specials, haha!).  We decided on Brooklyn Star, a recent Greenpoint transplant, with THE BEST food.  And so much special attention we got as the first ones there (but really everyone that worked there went out of their way to make our experience a good one)!  On the way out, we drunkenly made a reservation for next Saturday at normal dinner hour, because eating at a normal time requires planning ahead.
meatloaf sandwich 
Dr. Pepper Ribs
The only thing more embarrassing than lupper is taking pictures at lupper.  Just ask my little sister.

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