Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Feaster

Hi Cuties,
Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  We had a great Easter weekend.  Lyss and I were able to finally reunite with our two stepsisters (the first time since Christmas) and we spent a wonderful weekend catching up.  Unfortunately, our cutie brother James didn't make it home so we were one short of a full family. Luckily we made sure he was there in spirit and ate and drank plenty on his behalf.  We spent the weekend drinking wine, eating, playing wii, eating, sleeping, eating, shopping, eating, listening to my dad's old record collection, decorating eggs and today we were even able to get outside to play some pickle ball!  If you don't know what pickle ball is, check it out here. It is a family favorite, for sure.
Yes, there was also some church involved, and no, there were no easter baskets (what? do you think we're little kids?)  This week on the Co'C, Lyss will give her take on the weekend and I'll have some more updates on our Hawaii trip!  Stay tuned.

mmm, candy.
and a littttle chickie.
I was presented with my trophy for winning BOTH family fantasy football leagues.  Princess Unicorn had a very good year, friends.
A lovely table setting put together by the lovely Mags.
How did this guy get to the head of the table?  Don't worry, it's actually the foot.
Bee Gees sing along led by my dad.
model shot on the hood of our flashy car ;)
porch time
this is my space egg
our decadent Easter brunch
dapper dudes
I am not an egg, but a beautiful french lady, oui?

Easter morning!  Getting our church on.

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