Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lovely Days

I don't want to waste too much time blogging whilst I am so busy soaking up the sun and enjoying 10 AM happy hours, but I know everyone is clamoring for a Hawaii update, so I'm prepared to share a little preview of what's been trending around here. Lots more to come!

1.  Multimedia Buzzkill - I have three cameras here, and nothing is a moment ruiner like taking photos!  But we've been diligent about it and have captured lots of good memories to look back upon once we re-enter the real world.

2.  Rising with the Sun - the mister has gotten the notion that we should enjoy the sunrise every morning, so we've been getting up around 6AM to see the day in. 

3.  Pool Slide - there is an awesome pool slide at the hotel which some people around here are very, very excited about.

4.  Turtles - We've already encountered two massive sea turtles.  The second was swimming right at us and seemed pretty "housebroken" if you will.  But we know better (don't pet sea creatures!)

5.  Hawaii Smells Good - I mean it, it smells really good around here, like a spa.  I'm not sure how we'll ever get used to the smells of NYC again. 

We're having a blast so far!  Enjoying time with the parents and getting a nice mix of relaxation and adventure.  Maybe we'll stay forever.


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