Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hawaii - Part One

Well, have jumped back into work mode this week and I am just tired (definitely not back on a normal sleep schedule but not exactly feeling six hours behind either.)  Still trying to be easy, breezy, stress-free, but wanted to post some much delayed pics of our Hawaii trip before the trip and my new attitude become a distant memory ;)  

After a loong flight (with no TVs on the back of the seats, thank god I had loaded up my ipod with Real World episodes), we arrived in Hawaii.  Now, my dad had promised me that as soon as you land in Hawaii a fragrant smelling lei made of the freshest of blossoms is gently placed around your neck.  That did not happen to us, although everyone else seemed to have one, and I'm sad to report that I almost started crying in the middle of baggage claim.  Expectations. not. managed. Luckily Erik saved the day by quickly buying us our own leis (he knows me so well, who cries when they arrive in Hawaii?).  Then my Dad and Maggie picked us up and we were off to our hotel in Ka'anapali - after a quick beer run to Walmart, but of course.  We stayed at a Marriott time share there and it was such a nice set up. We had a huge suite with a balcony looking out on the ocean and I lovvved it. Hawaii reminded me of a spa - it smelled nice and was relaxing and we wore towels wrapped around us and there seemed to be strains of softly playing music wherever you were on the island.  We spent the first part of the week lounging by the pool and snorkeling with sea turtles.  You could even see humpback whales jumping out of the water - from the hotel.  Fun times.  Stay tuned - lots more Hawaii coming your way!

PS. How messed up but also funny is this season of Real World?  Love love me some Naomi. That girl is the cuteness.  And I happen to have the same negligee that she is wearing in the opening credits.  It's from Target.

Loving surfer chic again.  Want to do it up all over my apartment!
Our pool had a pretty decent sized slide and the mister was obsessed with it and waited on line with all the little kids about 5 times a day. 

Power couples! Doesn't my leg look freakishly skinny?  Awesome, right?

Mags was fighting me for the title of Island Cutie. 
The parents reliving their honeymoon.

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